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Digitize Your Home

Gone are the days of a drawer full of owner manuals and clutter.  With DigiHome, you get a digital view of your entire home.

Immediate Access

Immediate access to all home details, preferred vendors, and maintenance notifications.

Transfer of Ownership

Property information and data can be transferred from one homeowner to the next.

Historical Data

A database at your fingertips full of valuable information about your house.

Giving New Homeowners One Less Thing To Worry About

DigiHome gives you all the information you need to know about your home in one free convenient app. All the paint colors, all the flooring, all the roofing – everything about your house so that when something needs to be replaced, you know exactly what to look for. DigiHome gets rid of that file cabinet full of documents on your house that you may or may not have been keeping up with.

The day the homeowner closes on the house, they can open DigiHome’s mobile app and access all the information. The app also offers maintenance reminders and DigiHome-vetted providers. And, all home data is transferred from one home owner to the next, with all data constantly updated and logged.

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